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About Rupesh

Rupesh Patel is an experienced hospitality leader that has leveraged his 25 years’ as a hotel owner and operator into a collection of courses and toolkits for hoteliers looking to improve their career potential and their properties’ performance.

He got his start in hotels in the mid 1990s, transforming a struggling family-run property into a successful portfolio of hotel properties throughout the eastern United States. He has now put the lessons he’s learned and the advice he’s received into a series of educational resources designed for hotel professionals wanting to take their career to the next level. More than just a consultant, Rupesh’s hands-on experience managing various properties gives him an insight on the hospitality industry that anyone – from the entry-level front desk clerk to the GM – can learn from.


Sound Advice Beyond the Trends

With more than 25 years of experience as a hotel professional, Rupesh has seen just about every trend in the hotel industry. His main takeaway? Doing right by the customer is the most effective way to achieve hospitality success. Looking for opportunities to improve the guest experience in ways the competition is failing to address is the best way to differentiate a hotel property from a crowded market. Learn from Rupesh how to leverage smart customer service with evolving industry and technology trends for the best possible service delivery.


A Servant’s Heart

Having empathy and a passion for serving others is the most common trait among successful hospitality professionals. That’s why Rupesh is committed to helping other hotel managers realize their true career potential through his 1-on-1 coaching and career development programs. Whether it’s inspiring confidence or developing a personalized game plan for career advancement, Rupesh has worked with countless individuals looking improve their leadership, marketing, operations and customer service skills.


Strong Entrepreneurial Spirit

Rupesh has been the founder and CEO of several start-ups, including SmartGuests, an online resource for turning guests into loyal customers and loyal customers into advocates through a collection of templated marketing materials, management tools, guest communications and additional customizable services for hotel operators. Utilized by more than 2,500 hotel properties, his role with SmartGuests helps keep Rupesh current on the complex challenges faced by today’s hotel managers regardless of the size and scale of your accommodations.


Brand Management

Whether managing your property’s reviews or highlighting your personal career achievements, every hotel manager knows the importance of a good reputation. Rupesh’s educational background as a marketing manager gives him a unique perspective for building positive word-of-mouth among your prospective guests and industry peers. His properties have won several awards and accolades due to their reputation for excellent customer service, and Rupesh can share how he’s translated those honors into new streams of revenue and career opportunities.


Thought Leadership

Through his writing, speaking, and social media presence, Rupesh has become a hospitality leader. He has been featured in Today’s Hotelier magazine and various industry publications, and appeared as a guest on the Checking In With Anthony & Glenn and Amazing Business Radio podcasts. From 1-on-1 coaching sessions to conference-sized keynote addresses, Rupesh is an experienced leader that can offer hospitality advice to any size audience. If becoming a valued voice in your space is the goal, Rupesh will explain how he turned his expertise into a marketable asset and share the lessons he’s learned from being a thought leader.


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